Carter and Amie Henson - Owners
Amie Henson - Soil Scientist

13710 Lawrence 1080 Stotts City, MO 65756
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Henson Soil Consulting

Henson Soil Consulting is a professional company that provides soil evaluations for on site septic systems in Southwest Missouri.  We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, dependable, and prompt.

We offer flexible scheduling.  We also have a small backhoe to excavate and cover test pits.

Amie Henson is a Missouri state registered On SIte Soil Evaluator and is licensed in Jasper, Newton, McDonald, Lawrence, Barton, Dade, Barry, Stone and Taney counties.

On site septic systems are regulated by the state of Missouri and the local county and city governments.

Feel free to contact Amie if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment.

(417) 389-3256
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